Randall Family History: Lost    Relatives - Humourous

Photographs of some Lost Relatives

Photos of old members of the family recently discovered.


First one is of G.G.Grandfather Munro and G.G.Grandmother Munro.

munro (11K)

He died shortly after this photo was taken, climbing the last of the Munros"his ambition in life since he turned 80 years of age. Sadly his wife died some 25 years later having struggled to recover from the shock.
List of Munro hills over 3,000 ft,

cutler (8K)

The second photo is of John Cutler's widow Ann,

both of whom worked in a Knife and Fork factory in Dorset.
He died in a sad accident when the machinery malfunctioned, sending dozens of knives flying into the air. His widow,it seems never got over his tragic loss. She died shortly afterwards, from starvation,refusing to use cutlery again........Ann Cutler was my G.G.G.Grandmother......

Hope you didn't take my humour too seriously!!

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