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Southern Tuscany

Montalcino-Pienza-Montepulciano "Brunello di Montalcino" Wine Estates. Roman Baths-Abbeys

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  • Fortress Monalcino
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  • Montalcino - Pallazzina Cesira

    pallazzinacesira.gif - 30.7 KB

    Palazzina Cesira is a beautiful 13th century residence with a refined and tranquil ambience. An elegant home, located in the historic centre of Montalcino, where you will experience the style and atmosphere of times gone by.
    The owners are very helpful.
    Our stay was a delight.
    Plenty of places of interest nearby;
    see their web site below.

    palazzina Cesira

  • Montalcino - Porta Castellana

    Porta Castellana

    A lovely position just below city walls.
    See website for historical background.
    Very Good accommodation and breakfast area.
    When following directions make sure you don't miss left turn.(Don't go up hill at any time)
    Helpfull staff and very quiet.

    Porta Castellana

  • Montepulciano-Pienza area

    Montepulcano Town

    We have never stayed Bed and Breakfast in Montepuliciano (We have stayed in Montelcino )

    However there are many good choices of accommodation near Montepuliciano
    look at Tourist Site and one suggested Agriturismo (Farm Holidays) which is also a Azienda Agricola (Wine-Agricultural Business), there are many more.

    Monetpulciano Tourist Info »

    Places of Interest by Ipalio site »

    Godiola Agro-Tourism site »

  • Montalcino-Restaurants

    Giglio Hotel view

    Look at Web Site for full details.
    I have chosen this restaurant, because we had difficulty booking Bed and Breakfast
    at a local establishment.
    The owner of Giglio Hotel kept a room for me untill matters had clarified.
    We went for a very good meal to thank them for their help.
    Will go back for certain

    Plenty of good eating places in town

    Giglio Hotel Site »

  • Castello Banfi Visit

    Castello Banfi

    There is plenty of choice in town, but if you want an experience of a life time, take one or two days to visit the Castello Banfi wine estate
    You can reach it by travelling South West through lovely countryside.
    There are 4 things you must do;
    Wine Tasting in the Enoteca.
    Lunch in the Taverna or Restaurant.
    Visit Glass Museum.
    Visit the wine factory.
    Consider staying at Il Borgo luxury accommodation Full information appears on their web site below.

    Castello Banfi Estate »

  • Montepulciano

    Caffe Poliziano .gif

One of the most iconic Cafe-Restaurants I have ever visited.
Apart from it's superb location, high quality food, it offers so much more.
Book, Painting, Photographic launches enabling you have an Aperitif and meet the Authors

They have a wide collection of Fine Art on view in the premises and help to host Jazz Festivals and other events
It is a definite visit, enjoy a lovely lunch or dinner, see web site to book.

Below you will find descriptions of tourist-cultural attractions                      The attractions shown below are a must !!
Interest in Southern Tuscany, Montalcino, Pienza, Montepuliciano, Bagno Vignoni Val d'Orcia Park, Chianciano Terme, Poggio alle Mura
As you travel south from Siena, you find that the hills and countryside softens into an undulating ripple of valleys and hills (an examample is the road leading to Asciano)
Below is a list of some of the places worth a visit.
Sant'Antimo Abbey                                                             Monte Oliveto Maggiore
Sant' Antimo Abbey Monte Oliveto Maggiore

You can travel a little further and visit Massa Marittima,                      Orvieto, and Todi. Plenty of small interesting villages

Places of Interest by Ipalio site »

Montalcino is the centre of the famous wine "Brunello di Monalcino DOCG", and "Rosso di Montalcino DOC" with many vineyards to see.
The Rocca (Fortress)
Stands out on the end rising piece of land, representing the power of the old Sienese Republic
The Palazzo Comunale (Town Hall) has a very fine 13th century tower.
Duomo di San Salvatore
a church with a number of famous pieces of art


Palazzo Piccolmini
Was once the Pope's Residence.It currently holds many historical items of the Piccolomini Family.
Palazzo Borgia
The Palace is the seat of the "Museo Diocesano", an important centre of the province of Sienna-Paintings, Manuscripts, Silverware, and the Cape of PIP II.

The Cathedral
Palazzo Neri-Orselli
San't Albino
You will have noticed that all towns seem to have 3/4 splendid buildings.
Built to compete with nearby towns or States

Wine Estates Map and visits here
A Map of Brunello di Montalcino Estates, many just walk out of the town to visit.
There are a number of companies who arrange wine tours for you.

Map of Brunello di Montalcino Wine estates. »

Consorzio Noble Vino di Montepulciano wine covering Wine-Food etc.The sites below cover a lot of facts on Montepulciano Wine

Association of Noble Montepulciano Wine Growers »
Noble Montepulciano Wine growers »
A guide to Wine Tours and sight seeing in Monepulciano »

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Bagno Vignoni

  • Duoma

    Bagno Vignoni hot spring

    in the Val di Orcia. What makes this place so enchanting and unique is the big pool of bubbbling water in the center of town.

    Info on Bagno Vignoni »



  • Pienza vista

    Designed as the perfect town in 1485

    Around it's main square are most of the important buildings
    including The Duomo, 3 Palazzo's,
    and The Church of San Francesco.

    Pienza info-Ipalio »


  • Communale Palace

    Piazza Grande

    The Piazza has the Palazzo Comunale(Town Hall)
    from its tower, there are views of the surrounding countryside.

    Montepulciano Wine-Info »

  • San Biagio

    Church of San Biagio

    The Church stands out at the base of Montepulciano