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Scenes of Interest

Central Tuscany

Lovely climate and people. Food to live for - History

Sector Flag Wine Cellar Palazzo Pubblico
Sector Flag   Banfi      Palazzo Hall

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Below is helpfull guide to visting highlights of Tuscany

Places not to miss in Central Siena

Find places of Interest in Central Tuscany,

Chianti-Siena use link

Places of Interest by Ipalio site »
We start with the Central Tuscany region, because it is a good area to visit for the first time
You can quickly get to Sienna, from any of the suggested accommodation sites
There are many places of interest in Classico Region, within 30/40 minutes;

Castellina-in Chianti, Greve-in-Chianti, Radda-in-Chianti, Gaiole-in-Chianti, Monterriggioni,Vagliagli.

and many smaller villages with "Classico" vineyards, many also have Religious buildings.
You can visit San Gimignano, Volterra from the central region, but look at suggested itineraries, before arranging holiday, because if you arrive from Pisa Airport, you can return via Volterra (return to Pisa only 1 1/2 hours.)


Siena is the main place of cultural interest.
Palazzo Pubblico
is the building where the Council of Nine ruled Siena in the 1300's (Town Hall)

Piazza del Campo

Is the famous area shaped like fan, with 9 divisions, where the locals race horses, around the "Palio" every July-August year

The Duomo
is one of the prettiest Cathedrals in Italy.
It took some 200 years to complete.
A large extension was planned, but the Black Death plague hit the city hard.

The Opendale di Santa Maria Della Scala

opposite the Duomo was the original Hospital, but has been converted to a centre for art and culture

Monterriggioni-Walled City

This fortress is best viewed from along the Colle di Val d,Elsa road. There are cafe's, restaurants, hotels and good walks around the walls

IGT Super Tuscany Reds/Whites - Gagliole Wine Estate

Is an example of a number of wine Estates that broke away from the Chianti Classico formula to produce "Super Tuscany Reds".
Containing a different mix of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes
Classified with initials IGT, and highly rated. gagglio wine estate

Chianti Black Rooster Map

Shows the Chianti Wine region in detail.

You can obtain a map showing all vineyards from Tourist Centres.

Chianti black Rooster Map

roosterchianti.jpg - 241.3 KB

Italian Regional Wine Map

wineitaly.jpg - 330 KBTry Castello di Brolio for a great day out. Castello di Brolio »
There are many Monestries and Abbeys worth visiting.
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Siena Centre

  • Palazzo

    Palazzo Pubblico

    Visit the museum and climb the tower.
    Admire il Campo from the top.
    Enjoy a coffee in the Campo

    Siena Tourist Site »

Piazza del Campo

  • DuomoDuomo

    Venue for Palio Horse Race

    The Piazza is shaped like a scallop (split into 9 Segments representing the Council of Nine, who ruled Siena in 1300's)

    Siena info-Palio »


  • Duomo

    Duomo square

    After visiting, lovely spot to rest. Don't forget if you want to visit "Osterio da Divo" for lunch, follow earlier instructions

Monterriggioni-Walled City

  • Duoma

    14 Stone Towers on 570 metres of perfect walls

    Perfectly situated hilltop town built by Siena (1213-19).
    Early example of military architecture.

    Info on Monteriggioni »

Siena Centre

Piazza del Campo


Monterriggioni-Walled City