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Brian I. Randall's Family History

Information wanted from other family trees with possible connections

Below you will find the surnames of people whom we are trying to trace and details of what we know about them at present. Many of the lines are still being researched, through normal BMD, Census research.
If any one sees a connection please contact me, so that we can confirm the link or otherwise.
Randall,     Payne,     Pain,     Cutler,     Ingall,     McGuckian,

Munro,    Cruickshank,     Williams,     Jones,     Hughes

Glenny,     Buchan,     Westhead,

Other names will be added if approriate

RANDALL--Apart from trying to confirm Thomas Randall's birth place and exact date,(Possible connection with Charminster Thomas Randall m Mary Ash, 1st son William) we have found quite a lot of descendants(Children, Grand-children, Great-Grand Children) many of whom were alive in either 1881/1891/1901/1911 Census. It is probable that many of their descendants now live in the Greater London Region
See--List of Thomas's children's descendants through to 1911 Census

INGALL--Charles Randall my Grandfather was given a silver jug by a Charles Ingall a friend of his father, and inscribed with his date of birth in 1874, and took the middle name of "INGALL".
5 generations of the family have borne the middle name INGALL.
The latest is my Grandson born on the 3rd of January 2004, and is called Luca Ingall De Maestri, son of my daughter Julie Ingall nee Randall.
I believe there is a connection between Samuel Randall Nurseryman of St. Thomas Exeter and a Charles INGALL following time spent in London, where one of his daughters was born, possibly training in gardening/printing catalogues.
His wife Susan Littleton, was born in London also, subsequently residing in Stoke Damerel, Devon. Clearly there is a possible connection with a Charles Ingall born about 1835? in Gravesend. He named one of his son,s Samuel. Anyone out there able to add to the facts so far.

MUNRO--James George MUNRO was my maternal Grandfather, he married a Hannah WILLIAMS(see below). His father was similarly named and born Dallas Morayshire in Scotland. I have been able to get back to the early 1800's in Morayshire and Cruickshank in Banff Banffshire. Any Munro/Cruickshank out there who can suggest an earlier link to their ancestors.

WILLIAMS--Hannah WILLIAMS was my maternal Grandmother, and was born in Bootle and had family connections with Peny-Bonc Farm, and Trewilmot Farm near South Stack Lighthouse, Angelsey. Her father was a Richard, and it is said that the famous wartime actor Emrys WILLIAMS (The Stars look down fame) was her cousin?? his father being a Minister of a Methodist Church. We have now managed to go back quite a long way. Any Williams who can help me tie the facts down, please contact me.

HUGHES--ANN HUGHES was Hannah's Grandmother,(My GGGM) and was born 1825 in Llanfaelog, Angelsey.
She married aged at 18 a Richard Williams Sept 1843, and had a son Richard Williams b.1844 (Hannah's father)
She died at the age of 22, in July 1847.
His wife was Mary and they had 4 children Ann, Ann Elizabeth, Owen, and Richard and was on the 1851 census at Aberffraw, Crown Lodhe keeping a public house.

McGUCKIAN--Mary McGUCKIAN was my paternal Grandmother. Her father William came from Northern Ireland, but she was born in Walker, Northumberland and met and married my Grandfather, Charles Ingall RANDALL in South Shields. He completed his Masters training as a Merchant Navy Officer there and subsequently moved to Liverpool where he was a Captain in the Leyland Line.
Mary had two sisters, one called Alice (m. REES), and one called Isabella(Bella) who emigrated to New York.
My Mother and Father went there in the early 30's, as my father worked on the Queen and Monarch of Bermuda plying between New York, Bermuda, and Liverpool.
We moved to Bermuda, when I was 6 months old, subsequently resided with Aunty Bella in NY. Any American information on Great Aunty Bella who owned property on 52nd Street?, would be helpful.

GLENNY--William Thomas GLENNY was my wife's father, b.6th JUne 1909 in Litherland. His father was David Robert William? GLENNY b. about 1879 Liverpool. m. a Catherine Dixon. His father was William Robert? GLENNY b. about 1844? in Newry, Northern Ireland. Does anyone have any certain d/b or marriages, or siblings.

BUCHAN--Edna BUCHAN was my wife's mother. Her father was John (Jack) Percival BUCHAN b. about 1885, Liverpool. m. Alice WESTHEAD b. 1883? Any Ancestors

WESTHEAD--Alice WESTHEAD m. J.P.BUCHAN had siblings, Nellie, Lily, Agnes, Peter and a number of other brothers. Any knowledge?

CUTLER--Although the background to my G.G.Grandmother is certain, with regard to her birth, marriage, parents, I would like to think that there are some Cutlers out there who can add or confirm further facts.

PAYNE--The PAYNE spelling (parent name PAIN) was carried through the majority of Thomas's son's, and is a very helpful marker in confirming his descendants. See RANDALL above.

PAIN(E)--See CUTLER as the same applies, any PAINs that can help me confirm and add to the present facts, would be appreciated.

I will be adding further names to this list as time goes by.
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