HTML basics - Make use of sample codes

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All about HTML, your mark up language

The aim is to give you an understanding how HTML -CSS is formed, to help the understanding of full Tutorials later.

Reminder that HTML ( Hyper Text Markup Lanuage), is the way of arranging a simple layout, similar to the way you layout a letter. Your Name, Address,Subject heading, Text content,Closing name of sender, is an simple example.

The markup is as follows; using opening and closing chevrons <p> content </p>


HTML comments are structured as follows;    <!- - This is a HTML comment- ->
CSS comments are structured as follows;    /* This is a CSS comment*/

They are only used sparingly to help remind you what purpose an element serves, as used in the coding below.

Simple HTML5 Layout

<DOCTYPE html!> <!- - This instructs browser that the docuement is using the HTML language- ->
<html> <!- - html language starts here - ->
<head> <!- - Not shown on screen but where instructions re other items (language, Title etc) are given to code - ->
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href= "stylenamespaces.css">
<!- - Used to point html to the style sheet location- ->
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>FIRST WEB PAGE </title>
<!- - Used by search engines to identify what the page is about- ->
<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;
<!- - Confirming what content contains, and script type to use- ->
</head> <!- - Head closing tag. Each tag below has a closing tag ->
<body>    <!- - Body tag the start of actual web page display ->
<article> <!- - Article can have a number of relative sections ->
<h3> Contents 1 Page  </h3> <!- - This is a heading h3 size- ->
<p> Easy Peasy I hear you say</p> <!- - This is a paragraph with content- ->
<h4> Contents 2 Page  </h4> <!- - This is a heading h4 size- ->
<p> Not Easy Peasy I am afraid to say</p> <!- - This is a paragraph with content- ->

Sample HTML code; Element, Attribute and Tag

"a" is an element defining a hyperlink-- "href" is my web site address, refered to as an attribute, with the "My website" indicating that you can retrieve it by pressing. The Element opens and closes with Tags <a></a>

Typical Elements and their uses

You have already seen the use of h1-h6 (headings), p (paragrapgh), div (division) a( Anchor link-address,
using 1. href= "file" / or 2. src="source of Media-picture etc." span=(An area styled using a class in a CSS file.)

There are a large number of elements and the full version can be viewed by looking at an HTML guide, on how to use at

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