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Family Grandparents Names - Paternal and Maternal

Thomas Randall

Nether Cerne Church where Thomas Randall married Ann Cutler Payne on 3rd Sept 1827

Was probably born in Dorset about 1806 he married an Ann Cutler Payne ( b. Athelhampton Park on the 7th July 1806), on 3rd Sept 1827.
Attempts to identify his birth parish have come to nothing.
At first we thought we had identified a Thomas Randall from Chickerell, but this proved incorrect.
In recent times we found a Thomas Randall from Charminster almost the next parish to Nether Cerne, and who had a son called William in b. 1803.
His wife's name was Mary, the name given to our Thomas's first child "Mary Ann Randall" ( She died 6/10/1833 when they went to Bathwick, Bath.)
Our Thomas had 2 sons William Payne, Samuel Payne , and 1 dughter Rhoda Ann( All died at Bahwick in 1833)
Subequently their names were used for later births plus John Payne Randall. What we need is someone who can identify further information about the Charminster Thomas Randall which might lead to a more certain connection.
If you have a look at my tree I have included them as ?? possible parents, who probably moved to another parish? before 1806.
If any one is at the Dorchester Records Office could they do a look up for Charminster connections?
Full Family Tree (LDS)

Samuel Payne Randall  Great Grandfather Samuel Payne Randall b. 1834 Bathwick, Bath

was born in 1834 at Bathwick, Bath and died in 1898 in Exeter Devon, following a very successful career as a high class nursery-man, based at Queen's Road, Alphington, Exeter.
A much smaller business is still operated by Brian Samuel Randall his Great Grandson.
There are 4 second cousins all connected to Samuel P. Randall's children.
Our photograph appears on the main page and was taken at one of the first "Randall" reunion, kindly hosted by David Garnsworthy in Exmouth.
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