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Welcome to our site, covering a Family "RANDALL", with over 50 connected surnames, mostly in United Kingdom, Eire, U.S.A. (McGuckian). If you hover over a Country's flag you can see the connected Surnames that may be of interest to you.

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About the site and the reasons it was written

The site was originally written and published way back in August 2004, to publish my Family History.

The site was completly rewritten in September 2009. The latest techniques at the time, were used and substantial updates undertaken covering 1911 Census.

The current site is written in code(HTML5 CSS includes CSS Grid Layout) using a HTMLKIT Tools

Randall Family History - Developments

The original reason for the research was to trace my paternal G.G.Grandfather Thomas Rand(e)all's (Spelling error by census officer as Thomas was unable read or write??)birth and parish.   Born probably in Dorset in 1806, we have been unable to trace his actual Parish, but one possibity is shown in the Database Tables.

He married a Ann Cutler Payne (b. 27/7/1806 at Athelhampton, Dorset) at Nether Cerne on the 3rd of September 1827 and had a daughter named Mary Ann Randall b.Jan 1828 died later in Bathwick Bath on 6th Oct 1833.

You need to view the Databases to get all the information resourced before 1806, to the present day.

How to trace your Ancestry

The younger you are, the more chance you have of receiving useful leads from earlier generations.
In my case I was mid 60,s before I started. My Father died when he was 62, so my mother at 80 plus, was the main source. I was aware that we had lived in New York U.S.A. and Bermuda, returning to U.K. in mid 1939.( Father was a seafarer- between NY and Bermuda)
I knew, I was born in Bootle in 1934, and lived in Aintree from the beginning of the war. My mother said that they had been on holiday a number of times, to Beer in Devon.
After holding many conversations, it became clear that my Grandfather Charles Randall was born in Exeter about 1874. She also said that I was named after one of Dad's Uncle's son Brian Samuel Randall, whom they had visited before going to U.S.A. after their marriage.
The big breakthrough came, when she said my G Grandfather name was Samuel "Payne" Randall and ran a large Garden Nursery in Exeter, and in the past had a shop on Exeter Bridge also.
I searched the Exeter telephone directory, and found an entry for a shop named after Samuel P. Randall. The first lady I spoke to was Brian Samuel Randall my cousin's daughter in law. It didn't take long to find connections going back to the earlier mentioned marriage. The critical connection was the middle name given to sons of "Payne".
That summer a reunion took place of 4 GGGrandsons of Thomas Randall, who gave Samuel his middle name of "Payne" when he was born in 1834.
Discovery continued at a great space with middle names, being critical as sources.

Fourcousins568191.jpg - 46.8 KB
4 GGGrandsons

Sadly Jim Randall passed away, David Gawnsworthy (Father married a Randall daughter), Brian S Randall, lives on the site of Samuel's original Nursery, and Brian I. Randall (me).

nethercernechurch.jpg - 18.5 KB
Nether Cern Church, where Thomas and Ann married.

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