Have you designs on a Web Site?   Find out here if you have it!

The aim of this page is to show you how you can get the best out of the information relating to Web Design

    "Design is something that simply and clearly states your case and is pleasing to the receiver"
        "Don't be afraid of white or black space, it enables the message to get across"
This is the Welcome page and Home page from my old website. Written nearly 4 years ago. How things have changed
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Design on the Web

  1. Rootsweb Guide to Genealogy and site
  2. Basics of Web Design
  3. Genealogy Websites Design
  4. Web Designs from "Scratch"
  5. Web Design-About.Com
  6. 8 tips for a good website
  7. Cyndislist Construction-Website
  8. Sharebrain-Web Design Magazine
  9. Googles Help for Web Masters
  10. Color Scheme Designer
  11. A complete Tutorial of Design-HTML-CSS etc.
  12. BigNoseBird Does it all
  13. Boxuk.com great Designed Pages